Dating female medical students

Big shout-out goes to all the non-medical student girls who date a medical student in spite of all the difficulties! For those in a dilemma whether or not to date one of us: Because dating a medical student definitely has some major benefits. They know how you feel or at least pretend to!! They always have a strange new story to tell- They know what you want to hear and say it!!


They can stay up all night if you want them to. They had to take sciences and maths that would make the average head spin! With the gross things they deal with every day, it is very hard to surprise them. They listen well- They are trained to listen very attentively to what you have to say and to process what you are telling them. Their job is to problem solve and get everything working back to normal. Dating them has many pros and this is a big one. You can rest assured that your doctor will be there for you any time you need them! Status- Love should have nothing to do with titles or salaries, but doctors do come with a prestigious status.

Doctors-in-training are highly respected in society and dating one puts you right alongside of them. If yes then fine if no then I would suggest you to take a printout of this one and paste it in your medical college notice board,bus stop,public places.. Or maybe do I need to do that? Wait let me ask my girl friend.. I am in a relationship, but am I committed? Being committed and in a relationship if you know what i mean is totally a different realms of life..

She will be happy because she finds me a bit boring as I am always away from her and never calls her hahaaa.

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Hahahaha…This one of its kind of reply.. BTW for me committed and relationship has the same meaning and if by any chance my GF see me making relationship and commitment 2 different things then I am dead meat for sure.. If this discussion happens to be on facebook then being in a relationship and committed I will treat them exactly and ends every sentence of the comment with i love you my girlfriend..

Reasons why you ‘should’ date a Medical Student!

Despite how remarkable and wonderful I know many of these women to be, a lot of them were having a hard time finding an equally prodigious partner. It is the human in us intelligent, career-focused, headstrong women who are inherently caring and selfless in our professional lives that seek the unmatched companionship and unbridled passion of a partner to share our personal lives.

Unfortunately, as is the struggle for all educated women, female physicians and medical students find it harder to successfully date for a myriad of interesting reasons.

And, unsurprisingly, it is even more difficult for women of color. The dating world is a tough place to navigate for all women in general. As usual, if a conversation during girls night gravitates to the topic, we soon find ourselves sharing our failures, lamentably comparing dating battle scars. It would seem that dating for a female physician at any age or stage in her career is damn hard. Despite our lack of free time, mountains of work stress, and a professional life that often bleeds over into our personal lives, there are several other reasons dating experts and sociologist have identified as issues that make it more difficult for educated women to successfully date.

There has definitely been an obvious and palpable shift in who is more likely to pursue post-secondary education. So if a female doctor tries to find a similarly educated man to pair herself with, the odds are unfortunately not in her favor. But your partner doesn't need to be doing the same thing, or even want to do the same thing, to be supportive and understanding; heck, even another doctor won't perfectly comprehend what you do that's why it's YOUR work.

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  8. I think it's a good thing that you know what you want from a partner and are willing to look for it - just don't restrict yourself to classmates, there are many other fish in that sea! I am a bit worried about this too. If you are single, I think I would recommend staying that way until residency or later. Woah by then I'll be in my late 20s!!!!! I'm a female btw I think as a Medical Professional, you owe it to your clients to dedicate your time to your studies.

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    Most women have kids in their 30s, I myself am in my late 20s and just getting to medical school now.. Medicine is no reason to neglect that aspect of life. There were several relationships that formed between two people in my med classes, but even more met people outside of medicine. The most important thing is an understanding partner, who can cope with your schedule.

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    I'd like you to remember that you work to live and don't live to work There will always be reasons NOT to enter into a new relationship, and for physicians, they'll only build as the career progresses. If you want a relationship now, why wait? It's not going to get any easier, and there are factors which mean starting the search later can be detrimental as pointed out, this unfortunately affects women more than men As long as you have someone who can work with you to achieve that balance, and in turn, who you can help achieve balance in their life, it'll all turn out fine.

    I feel like ignoring your personal life in favour of school and school only leads to misery. Crazy clingy cat lady haha I'm just teasing:. I'm sure youl have no problem finding a man after school. As long as not in your class.

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